Bridgewater Construction

Removing two walls to unify and open up the kitchen and two dining rooms

This story’s before and after photos tell the story clearly. The design began with adding three section energy efficient windows on two adjacent corner walls, creating a bright workspace above a granite countertop.

Removing the existing soffits allowed the new Cherry Wood upper cabinets to reach all the way to the ceiling, creating lots of usable storage space.  Cherry Wood was also used for lower cabinets and new center island.

Two-inch Oak flooring replaced the original tile and tied all first floor rooms together.  Note the dishwasher is intentionally placed higher than normal to accommodate easier loading and unloading. New stainless steel appliances were used throughout, with a cabinet depth refrigerator – the door is flush to all other cabinets.  Finally, a new fully-vented range hood was added to eliminate unwanted cooking odors.

The center island features storage space and seating for up to six.  Two custom pulley pendent lights above illuminate the island while making entertaining family and friends enjoyable.